Life has Rhythm.

Sometimes it is chaotic, sometimes it is complex, sometimes it is simple and clean. For many of our youth, their rhythm of life is chaotic. Even with both parents, a strong school environment, and raw talent, the throws of poverty can disrupt the most stable rhythm. In life, it is easier to grow and thrive when you learn how to control the rhythm. Part of our hope with Arts on Third Street is to give students an opportunity to grow in a skill while learning how to have a paced life with Jesus. Through percussion, Joe Fuller (the instructor), is teaching these youth about the rhythms of percussion while also teaching them about the rhythm of following Jesus in the midst of a chaotic world, helping develop these young men and women spiritually as well as personally.

Pray for Joe as he leads this class.  Pray for these students as they learn about Jesus, and pray for the community as a whole to experience to love of Jesus through us.  Thank you for your prayers and partnership!

Classes are Thursdays from 4-5pm for ages 9-18.