We are all about giving a hand up, not a hand out.

This is part of why we started Third Street Facility Services; to be a bridge to gainful employment through provide skills, training, and work experience to the difficult to employ.  We are offering a hand up to restore dignity and honor. Part of our business model is to do the same.  While it is true that we cannot function without donations, we also are asking for a hand up. Every penny left over goes toward the ministry of Third Street Academy and Third Street Community Impact.

Will you hire us, so that we as an organization can earn money to pay for the ministry efforts here at Third Street Education Center?

2 benefits of increased sales:
1) Increases funding available for expanding the Third Street Academy.
2) More jobs and training available to the unemployed in our area.

What you can do.
1) Hire us. We would love a shot at completing a project for you.
2) Share about us. The best form of marketing has always been word of mouth.
3) Promote us. Share us on social media so we can increase our customer base.

In an effort to build our customer base, we have launched our LinkedIn page for Third Street Facility Services. We would love for you to follow, like, and share our content to help build a stronger network of potential customers and partners.

Every sale helps educate kids here.  Be a part of giving a hand up, not just a hand out.