Last week, 13 students from Boston College came to Greenville NC just to serve at Third Street Education Center. During the week, they painted, played, visiting partner ministries, and heard about God’s heart for people. One of the highlights of the week happened during the 30 minutes after lunch when the BC students would play with the Academy boys. One of our Academy students (We will call him Frank) has really struggled to make connections with anyone. Matt, one of the BC students, really went out of his way to make time for this young man. Often, Frank spend much of that outside time sitting on a wall by himself, refusing to engage with the other boys. Matt decided to sit next to him every day and those few minutes turned into something special. Matt started to break through to Frank. During that time, I saw Frank open up more in 4 days than in the previous 4 weeks. I even got some great pictures of him smiling. It is remarkable what can happen if you spend a little time each day with someone. Walls can break down and relationships can be formed.

There are two ways that we can learn from Matt and Frank. First, spending a little time sitting every day with our true Father can transform us. As we spend time with Him, let Him break down the walls in our hearts so that we can receive and give love more freely.  Secondly, we should spend time doing this with one another. I don’t know who you need to spend some time sitting with, but I know there is someone.  Maybe it’s your spouse, friend, parent, or child. Maybe it’s one of the young men in our Academy. For me, I want to spend some time sitting on the wall with Frank showing him how much his God our Father loves him.

Invest some time sitting with someone this week and see what happens.