As I sit in my classroom waiting for my kids to arrive, I can’t help but look at their empty desks and think about each of them and our school year together. When we all met for the first time back in August we had no idea the journey God was preparing for each of us this year, individually and as a class. In 8 months, these 10 boys have grown in faith, academics, and leadership skills. Each of them has faced personal struggle and personal triumph in these seemingly short months and we have been there for each other along our rides. As a class, I have watched them go from a group of classmates to a family. They cheer each other on, celebrate one anothers’ successes and pick each other up when things go wrong. Like all families, they are not always each other’s favorites, but when it comes down to it, they have each other’s backs unconditionally. They know how fortunate we are to all be here.

Every day at our school we get opportunities unlike any other. Whether it’s the volunteers and staff who provide classes like Nutrition, Boy Scouts, and Violin or the amazing field trips we take our boys on, our school is second to none. Not only do we learn about academic subjects, we learn how to be leaders and develop those skills with a Biblical foundation. This Biblical foundation permeates into everything we do. When I watch my first graders pray that they can solve the second grade math problems, I get goosebumps. The confidence they receive through their faith in God and complete trust He WILL help them makes the difference. More often than not, they can do second grade math. Not only are these boys, from all walks of life, excelling academically they are growing into Godly gentlemen who are strong, kind, courteous, honest, obedient, and brave.

Clearly, there is only one who can take credit for the magnificent things that happen in this classroom on a daily basis. God is everywhere in this building, in our classroom, and in these boys’ hearts. We know him and we adore him. We know none of this would be possible without him. Each day, as we gather on the carpet in the morning, we thank God for Third Street Academy and the blessings he has poured upon us all this year in 1st and 2nd grade.


-Heather Timberlake