17 days. There are 17 days with my boys left until summer break. As a teacher, this brings a mixed bag of emotions. In the spirit of honesty, I can’t wait to turn off my alarm clock for a few days and my boys are ready to be free of school work and take a well-deserved break. However, on the other hand, I already miss them. I was out a day last week and I missed them terribly. I can’t imagine what all summer is going to feel like.

In these 17 days we have left, as we’ll all sort through the emotions related to our upcoming break, I thank God for little moments like the one we had during our Devotional Time recently that help us overcome the tired, summer jitters and bring us back to our mission at this school. A few days ago, the topic of our Devotional Time was trusting in God to lead our lives. As adults, we often struggle with giving our lives over and relinquishing control to the Lord to direct our paths so, as you can imagine, this is a tricky concept for children. We were having a long discussion together on the carpet when I noticed a “light bulb” in the eyes of one of my kids. He raised his hand and said, “So basically, Jesus is our Line Leader. We aren’t really in charge, He is.” YES! Suddenly 9 other little lightbulbs cut on and my kids understood. They understood that like we trust our Line Leader to take us where we need to go in our school building, Jesus will lead our lives if only we trust in Him to direct our paths. They understood that with the same faith they follow our Line Leader every day, we should follow Jesus.

Today, I pray that there are 100 more of those moments in our final days together. Those moments fill your heart in way that is just indescribable and will carry me through the months of summer when I am missing my boys.

I also pray I will allow Jesus to be my Line Leader.

-Heather Timberlake