If you have been to Third Street Education Center during the school day in the past year, odds are you have met Donna. Donna is remarkable.  She is far more than a kind greeter and gatekeeper.  She is developing policies and systems for us to bring us to our best.  She is a wealth of wisdom for us to learn from.  Here is a piece of her wisdom to pass along to you.

An old African proverb says “When you pray, move your feet.”  I take it to mean that prayer definitely does change things; however, activity toward the realization of those prayers is also necessary.  Sending up prayers and then sitting back and waiting for things to change or happen is a passive way to deal with life.  Once you pray for something, your actions should be as if God has already answered your prayers.  Answered prayers are evident here at Third Street Education Center every day, from spontaneous hugs from the Pre-Kindergartners to Primary School boys singing “Oh Happy Day” as part of their growing repertoire.

The beginnings of Third Street Education Center started with a prayer, and “people moving their feet” in alignment with God’s blessings and favor.  God has created a place where young boys can receive the foundation to become Men of God.

Come and join us.  Be a part of this prayerful movement. Be a part of Third Street Education Center.

Pray with us….and move your feet.