In preparing for my move to Greenville from Raleigh, my fiancé and I were insistent on making connections in service work in the area. After a lifetime of struggles with addiction and alcoholism, service to others and God seemed to be the answer and key to my success in lasting and meaningful recovery. I became involved with Pitt County Coalition on Substance Abuse and met Deb Pomeroy, who was connected to Third Street Education Center. Now for those who may not know Deb, she can inspire the servant in anyone. Through Deb and Sue Anne (my fiancé), I attended a couple of events at Third Street and Sue Anne fell in love with every aspect of what was taking place here. She started insisting that, in some capacity, this is where God was telling her that I belonged. I thought “well I wish he would tell me” because I’m not hearing the same message. I moved to Greenville on March 18th, continued to work with a company from Raleigh and simply tried to get adjusted to a new life here.

A week and a few days after arriving here, my phone rang and it was Deb in her ultra-excited tone, explaining to me that I must come to Third Street to meet Walter and Beto. She had already told Sue Anne and to her this was for certain Gods will. I arranged a meeting in which Walter and Beto pitched the idea of Third Street Facility Services to me. Mind you, I was not actively seeking a career change but I always entertain opportunities. A couple of days after the meeting, we decided that this just wouldn’t work for the concerned parties at the present time. Sue Anne was so disappointed, and as days passed, she insisted that I just pick up the phone and call them to discuss it further. I refused. I am learning that in following Jesus, “follow” is what I’m supposed to do.  I told her that if it was God’s will that he would open the door when the time was right. It never works when I force the door open.

Three weeks later, my phone rang early one morning with Beto on the other end, insisting that we meet again. Now I was starting to believe that God had a plan for me at Third Street, and getting me to buy in to such a beautiful cause was easy.  I came on board with Third Street Facility Services on May 8th, and it has been amazing. Beto and I quickly became friends as well as co-workers. It was during a staff meeting that I realized God has his hand on this mission. As we went around the table and briefly told how we ended up at Third Street, I was amazed. There were those who were looking for volunteer opportunities and became intricate cogs in the wheel. There were those that were led here through the voice of God. However we landed where we are, we all became part of this mission to raise up strong Christian young men who hopefully in the future, will reach back and raise up another. Each member of the staff, board and volunteers believe whole heartedly that we can make a change in the lives of these young men that will eventually shape this community and further Gods plan of love.  I am proud to be part of such a beautiful place and trust that God will continue to keep His hand on our mission.

Donald Pilgreen
Third Street Facility Services