Just take a moment before reading the rest of this blog and ask yourself the question, “What are the great things going on at Third Street Education Center?” Now take a minute and think of how you would answer that question.  Got it?  Awesome, let’s move on!

Maybe you found that question easy to answer.  Maybe you found it to be a little more difficult that you anticipated.  Or maybe your answer was something like, “Gosh, I don’t really know.”

Two years ago, before I was on staff, I did not have a great answer.  I would say broad stroke statements like “They are really reaching the community.” “They have a lot of programs going on, something with the arts.” Or, “They are running a school now.”   These are all true statements, but when it came to specific programs, or stories of God at work, I was clueless.  I didn’t know about God’s work in Erica or what classes where being offered to neighborhood youth.  I didn’t know that there was a Pre-K classroom, or that all of the meals had to be brought in for the Academy because the kitchen wasn’t finished. I didn’t know that the school partners with ECU to help students excel at reading. There was so many innovative and exciting things I had no idea about. This is because I hadn’t taken advantage of opportunities to learn about what God was specifically doing at Third Street, even though I only lived 4 blocks away.  I had a limited awareness of how God was moving right in my own backyard.

Awareness that God is generally working at Third Street is good and true.
Awareness of the specific ways that God is changing lives at Third Street is better.
Becoming an Advocate for God’s work at Third Street is best.

An Advocate is someone who offers an investment of their time; someone who can invite their friends to be a part of Third Street through clearly stating our vision and mission and sharing first-hand stories of lives God is changing at Third Street.  We need Advocates.  We need partners who share the vision, mission, and stories of Third Street.  And trust me that the blessing is two-fold; God has something for you here, too.

Here are a few ways you can become an Advocate.

  • Set up a tour. Email me (Nathan) and set up a time to come visit this ministry.
  • Connect with Beth Hinson, Sandy Williams, or myself about specific ways to invest your time.
  • Come to Quarterly Lunch on September 17th and bring a friend. Sign up below!

Lunch and Learn:

Thursday September 17th, 12:00- 1:00pm