To help give everyone a glimpse into the everyday life of Third Street Academy, I asked Troy Milburn to share his thoughts:

“My first two weeks of school as a teacher is much different for students. For myself, I need to make sure the classroom is in order. My tables and chairs and the decor of the room needs to be inviting to all. I will work hard to make sure my classroom is warm and comfortable for my students. I also will make sure I have all the supplies needed for the first half of the school year. Assessments will begin in the second week of school so I’ll have a starting point academically. I will also begin explaining all the routines and rules of the school and what are the consequences to those that are broken. As for students, they will be a bit nervous, scared, excited and uncertain about school. Students will learn quickly about law and order in the classroom and school. They will learn the school creed, rules of the classroom and of the school. They will learn what it means to become a leader and a young man of God. Students will learn how to interact with their peers inside and outside the classroom. The students will also listen to Bible stories, praise songs and how to pray to the Lord. In the first few weeks of school is high impact, fast pace and full of excitement. After the first few weeks of school, all the nerves and uncertainness of school will go away. It will be replaced with joy and excitement. Students will want to come to school everyday after the first few weeks of school.”

We are so thankful for teachers like Troy who intentionally think about what the experience of students will be those first few week.  Take a few moments and pray for our teachers as they are preparing for the year!