Neil Jernigan Photography

On August 30th, our lives changed forever.  We woke up at 5 am, unable to sleep any longer, anticipating the birth of our baby.  The plan was that I would be induced that day.  It was 4 days past his due date and we were ready to meet him.  We left the house around 6 and ate at the only place open – IHOP.  There we met the sweetest waitress who shared stories and memories of her grandchildren.  She was genuinely thrilled for us and we parted with a hug and a promise to return with a baby soon.  She also told us she would keep us in prayer during this time which we very much appreciated.  We left feeling even more excited and grateful God had placed this special lady in our path.  It made our day that much better and we felt so encouraged going forward. 

Fast forward 12 hours and our sweet baby was here!  We had a fairly uneventful labor and delivery, but soon after it was clear something wasn’t right.  Our boy was perfect, but my blood pressure was sky rocketing and I was becoming more incoherent by the minute.  After a look at my labs, I was diagnosed with postpartum pre eclampsia.  I was immediately hooked to medication to prevent seizures or a stroke.  This medicine was really strong and made it difficult to move.  I was bed rested and wasn’t even allowed to hold Logan without a chaperone.  This went on for two days.  During this time my labs weren’t improving, in fact after a day they were now showing I had developed HELLP Syndrome.  HELLP Syndrome is rare form of pre eclampsia where your platelets are destroyed and your liver enzymes becoming elevated (liver damage occurs.)  It was a scary couple of days and even though it was difficult for me to answer or pay attention to any of the messages we were beginning to receive, I did respond and text one place: Third Street.  I had seen numerous times my work family come together and cover people in prayer.  The thought of them now doing that for us, was extremely comforting to me and I made sure I updated them with specific prayer requests as much as possible.  It definitely made me feel better as we faced such scary possibilities and so much unknown.
Finally, on Saturday, we were discharged and went home!  My labs had improved and my blood pressure was finally at acceptable levels.  Charles and I are so grateful things turned out the way they did.  We thank God for our precious 7 lb 6 ounce baby boy, we thank Him that things turned out the way they did, and we also thank Him for Third Street.  Not only is it a special place, it is full of special people whose prayers helped us in those days more than they could ever know. 
Heather Timberlake
Second and Third Grade Lead Teacher