At approximately 2:30 pm on any given day of the week at TSEC, things start to look a little different.  Here’s a quick rundown of what that experience is like:

You begin to hear students chattering, volunteers entering the doors, and Mrs. Sandy Williams giving directions for the afternoon’s schedule.  Students divide into color coated groups, and are assigned volunteer group leaders.  It is Mrs. Sandy’s hope that the after-school volunteers and leaders develop strong, personal relationships with the students.  The students are able to get afternoon exercise and play-time outside on the track, followed by snack-time.  During the remainder of the afternoon, depending on the day, students are able to participate in Homework Help, Step Class, Learning Center, Art Class, STEAM Class, Violin Class, Bible Study, and Literature Study.  In one of the classrooms, students are often seen reading, creating arts and crafts projects, learning bible verses, and practicing mathematical skills.

We were able to talk with some of the students that regularly attend our After-School program.  We asked them a set of questions about After-School, and listened to their responses:

“What is your favorite thing about After-School?”

“Being leaders and getting prizes.” – Alex, 3rd Grade TSA

“Math blocks, writing numbers on the board, and making fidget spinners out of blocks.” – Josiah, K TSA

“Why do you come to After-School?”

“Because it’s fun and we get to learn about science, play, and walk.” – Alex

“To do my homework and play with the other children.” – Nikki, 3rd Grade Wahl Coates

“What is your favorite day to come to After- School?”

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.” – Josiah

“Thursdays for violin.” – Samia, 5th Grade Wahl Coates

“Who are some of your favorite people at After-School?”

“Mrs. Sandy, Mr. Denari, and Mrs. Beth.” – Alex

“Mrs. Rachel, Mrs. Sandy, Mrs. Jennifer, and Ms. Erin.” – Josiah

“My friends, Mrs. Mary Beth, and Mrs. Sandy.” – Nikki

“Selena, Mrs. Jennifer, and Ms. Erin.” – Samia

Help make After-School possible by volunteering or donating!