Everyone loves spring – except for the seasonal allergy sufferers – with its amazing explosion of color and foliage! After months of dead leaves falling, barren trees, and just overall dreariness, spring brings with it an overall sense of life! Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and bees busy buzzing (quick, say that 5 times real fast!)

Haha, did you seriously just try that? Now look around to see if anyone is watching you and your seemingly strange behavior. 🙂

Essentially, we love the burst of life onto the scene, but we have to recognize how important winter is in the process. It’s a lot like our own seasons of life – no one really loves ‘winter’ as it relates to life. Things feel dry, dead, empty, dreary. But as much as we would love to wind our proverbial clocks forward and jump to spring and all its signs of life and hope, we have to recognize the work that is happening internally during the season of winter.

Do you find yourself in a ‘winter’ season? It may seem dead, but what is God doing in you deep down? What is He trying to focus on internally? We do love our productivity and growth and development, but, if you’re like me, we often despise these times of difficult seasons, yearning instead for the days of fruit and life and color.

But there is a method to nature that God set into motion that we would be wise to pay attention to:

Winter first, then spring.

Nature has to go through winter in order for the full potential of spring to come to pass. What we think is dead or dormant is really just the ‘life’ of the plants going deep down into the roots, expanding, growing, spreading out. Growth beneath the surface, out of sight. Did you know that late fall and early winter are actually the best times to plant many shrubs and trees? The combination of post-summer soil warmth and cooler air actually stimulate root growth, allowing the plants ample time to adjust and get established.

So with that said, did you know that Third Street Facility Services now offers professional landscape design and installation for both residential and commercial venues? Nathan White, Executive Director for Third Street, actually has his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture (with a concentration in landscape contracting) from Virginia Tech in 2006. So if you want to consider a complete overhaul or even some light touch-up work on your property, now is a great time to reach out to us. And with winter coming, TSFS is looking for additional work to be able to keep its crew gainfully employed in these typically slower months:

  • landscape design + install
  • installation of pine straw and/or mulch
  • property clean-ups and/or clean-outs
  • rental property turnover (painting, drywall repair, etc.)
  • salting of driveways, sidewalks and steps

So how can TSFS help you? Please let us know!

Lastly, something that Nathan said recently that stuck with me was this notion that “what you’re rooted in matters.” We know it to be true. It’s true for the plant world, and it’s true for our lives as well. Rather than trying to rush our way through the uncomfortable cold of winter, may our roots be filled with the fullness of life and stretch deep into God’s faithfulness and His timing for growth in and through us.