Our newest story deck card features Donald Pilgreen, TSFS Assistant Manager:

Go to prison. Come home. Repeat.
After having served almost 15 years total in jail, Donald knows what it’s like to feel utterly hopeless in a destructive cycle…

Having seen true transformation take place in his life, Donald now uses the pain of his own past to inspire other guys who find themselves in similar destructive cycles and patterns. While he is helping lead Third Street Facility Services to become one of the best, professional lawn and landscape businesses in Pitt County, he knows that his greatest work is in the men he gets to work alongside of. In our efforts to be a bridge to gainful employment, skill development must be coupled with character development in order to truly set people up for success and changed lives.

If you are a Third Street financial partner, you will be receiving this card in the mail in early May. If you already have a story deck and would like this new card, or if you don’t have a story deck but would like one, request it here. You can watch more of Donald’s story on our homepage.