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Third Street Academy is a small school with a big heart. We have a small number of students educated and cared for by a small number of staff. However, this small staff wants to provide BIG for our small number and we cannot do it on our own. We have been blessed this past year with many volunteers we have called our “classroom helpers”. I am renaming them our classroom “angels”. Debi Hayes assisted our Pre-K class by coming in at least one day a week. Lisa Thomas, Ali Armen, Debbie Edwards, and Jesse Shelton, came one day a week and spent 3 hours each day in our K-1 class. Rose Gay came each Thursday and worked in 2-3 and returned on Friday to assist in K-1. Kristi Wooten spent 3-4 days a week in the 2-3 class during our first semester when Mrs. Timberlake was out on maternity leave. Nancy Sturgis blew us away with hours and hours of time invested in both rooms (not to mention the amazing rug in the 2-3 class)! Jane MacDonald was our Tuesday 2-3 angel all year, and by spring semester, Dominique Moody stepped into our world and came every Thursday and Friday in the 2-3 classroom.

These amazing servants spent countless hours assisting, loving on, redirecting, mentoring and teaching our students. They learned our routines, our quirks and behaviors; built relationships with our students and staff; and we could not have survived the year without them. We are so thankful for all their time and talents given.

In addition to our classroom angels, we also have a few incredibly special “Saints”. These women came and worked tirelessly and patiently with our students who needed a bit of extra help with reading and writing. Dorothy Whitlock and Sadie Klaus worked with our 2-3 students, and Luella Haisch worked with our K-1 students. Their remediation skills built upon their years of teaching now benefited our students in BIG ways.

We give thanks for our classroom angels and special saints. They allowed us to do so much more for our students than we could have done alone. If you know any of these wonderful people, make sure you give them a pat on the back next time you see them.

Many of you reading this may want to jump on our small train that runs BIG with love and care for young boys. If you have a heart for discipling and serving our students as these volunteers have, come out to our center, or give us a call, and we can help you get started on doing BIG things for our small school.