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When launching a rocket into space,
it is important to have the right amount of fuel for the trip.

Much like a spaceship filled with a crew, imagine a cluster of seats filled with 8 young men, sitting shoulder to shoulder, and in front of them is their captain (maybe he looks like Tom Hanks 😃) All of them are wide eyed, strapped in, and ready to be shaped by the journey ahead of them.

I have imagined this a number of times this summer as I walk through the new classroom we have prepared for our rising 4th grade young men. This class is about to embark on a journey no other student has ever taken at Third Street Academy. There will be triumphs and challenges. There will be soaring and struggling. There will be love and learning. There will be both great difficulty and lasting discipleship moments.

With school starting in just a few short weeks, we sit in anticipation while preparing for this launch.
We double check & triple check everything.
We review curriculum.
We watch the count down.
We freak out, then remember God is in control, and pray for guidance.
We are ready.

I’m sending this letter to invite you to put some fuel in our tank.
Our fuel is made of three things: Volunteering, Prayer, and Giving.

» Volunteer with us through giving your time and talent.
» Pray with us as we seek the Lord’s guidance in the daily moments.
» Give to the work that God is doing here with Third Street Academy.

Nathan White
Executive Director