third saturday
of service

every third saturday of the month

Third Saturday of Service is all about community. We serve, volunteer, and love with others. At Third Saturday of Service, you will find an environment that fosters long-lasting, loving relationships in the context of service. Come be a part of transforming generations through Third Saturday of Service.


maintaining & enhancing the Third Street Education Center facility and grounds


through teamwork, prayer walks, and talking with neighbors


partnering with our neighbors to enhance our neighborhood and community


creating a fun, vibrant, and safe environment for kids to learn and flourish

what to expect

8:30am breakfast + vision
We start each day with some bagels, coffee, and a time of framing our day with Scripture. This is a vital part of our time together.

9:0am project assignments
We assign you or groups to work in one of our different focus areas based on your preferences.

9:10am let’s get to work!

10:00am prayer walk starts
We wait until 10:00am for prayer walks so we don’t disturb those who are sleeping in. Prayer Walkers will assemble neighborhood gifts from 9:15-10:00am.

12:00pm time to clean up
At noon, we start cleaning up from our projects and returning tools and materials to the appropriate locations.

12:15pm regather + debrief
A vital part of our time together is this 15min debrief

12:30pm all done

who can serve

Participation in Third Saturday of Service is great for individuals, families, and groups. We regularly have entire families serve together, as well as groups from churches, businesses, ECU, and other civic organizations.

Interested in bringing a large group you’re affiliated with? Contact us ahead of time so we can coordinate the best time to accommodate you.

*youth under 13 must be supervised by an adult
*children under 9 are welcome to join “clubhouse” while parents serve on other projects

volunteer application

Most likely, you can simply use the Limited Volunteer app. However, if you plan to volunteer with Third Street on a regular basis serving with kids and youth, please go ahead and use the standard Adult Volunteer app. Youth under 18 do not need a volunteer app for Third Saturday of Service.