Give TowardsTransforming Generations

Where Exactly Does My Money Go?

  • Academy

    The largest financial need for Third Street Education Center is the Academy. On average, it costs $11,000 to send one gentleman to school for the year. However, our tuition is capped at $6,000 and many parents do not pay close to that. Families should not choose between affordable school and a highly effective, private school experience. Be the reason why a young boy gets to be a Third Street Academy Gentleman!

  • Business

    Imagine not being able to gain your GED. Imagine not being able to find gainful employment. These are things that many people take for granted, are you one of them? Through our Business and Workforce Development Center, individuals are able to gain their GED, have gainful employment, and daily hear the incredible news of the gospel. Be part of that transformation!

  • Community

    Greenville is our home and Third Street desires to see every member of our community impacted by Third Street. Whether that is rebuilding a porch for an elderly neighbor or filling up the Blessing Box outside so that individuals are able to eat for the day, your dollar is having such a large impact. Your dollar can go towards feeding someone in need!